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Every so often I revisit my endless copyright infringement battle with all of the cheaply made, usually from China, manufacturers who stole my image of The Cherrybomb Dress and splattered it all over the Internet and mass producing their awkward versions of my dress.  Do you see all of these horrible companies profiting from my image they stole clear as day from etsy store a few years ago.  These cheap knock offs are hideous misrepresentations of my work and I endlessly battle them on eBay, Amazon, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few.  

Its infuriating.  

China does not abide by US copyright law, yet they can set up hundreds if not thousands of these craptastic drop ship websites all linking back to the same filthy supply chain, usually mass produced in bad working conditions, in China.

I have sent letters asking these pirates to take down my image and letting them know that's not cool, I'm a small business and bla bla bla.  They could give a f**k.  Some even wrote me back telling me to take down my very own image!  Fake watermark and all.  The best part is they want me to sign some legal paperwork saying that I won't sue them for allowing them to have used my image and I say hell no to that.  I will persevere and find a way to stop this.  

So what's a girl to do?  Hope that she wins the lottery to be able to afford to sue them all?  It's gotten so out of control now, I have to laugh or else I would cry.  They've ripped me off so hard and in the USA you can't get away with this.  In foreign markets, obviously you can and they do.  I know I'm not the only one this has happened to but it has destroyed a part of my client base.  They think they're buying one of my darling dresses only to be let down when the reality of the monstrosity of a dress arrives in the mail, if it ever arrives.  You get what you pay for. 

So, here's how to spot a fake CHERRYBOMB:  if you buy this dress anywhere other than my website, right here or at my etsy store (the original place they stole my image) then you have been taken for a ride by these shady manufacturers and you are supporting the downfall of humanity by supporting slave like working conditions in factories overseas, by pirates who steal from small businesses.

The only authentic CHERRYBOMB Dress is made by hand in my Greater Los Angeles studio, by me!


Until next time,

Boss Lady Claire

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