What to wear when you're expecting! MATERNITY Style Guide

Don't let the thought of another dreadful maternity gown make you cancel that r.s.v.p.   The CHERI dress is a wonderful alternative to the traditional maternity dress for bridesmaids and wedding guests alike!  

MATERNITY FRIENDLY DESIGNS: Please understand that we do not make any maternity dresses at our studio. We offer The CHERI dress which is a casual stretch knit design that is very maternity friendly by design and looks great during pregnancy! The CHERI dress will fit differently on each individual as it really depends on how the mom-to-be is carrying the baby and her personal shape. At 5-6 months or less, she can typically order a CHERI dress, but order it a size or two bigger than what she usually wears. If she is more than 6 months pregnant, a normal CHERI dress most likely won’t have enough fabric to cover a pregnant belly.

We absolutely adore Miss Betty Doll in her Cherry Red CHERI dress which is both maternity friendly by design and figure flattering.  Soft and smooth Cotton jersey spandex makes this dress a very breathable style that is comfortable as it is cute!  




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