Q: Do you make custom fit clothing? Can I send in my measurements to you?
A: No, here at Hardley Dangerous Couture we use use our own pre-made patterns that Claire personally drafted. Each size given at our studio reflects a pre-existing paper pattern that we will use to to cut out and sew your item. We do not offer custom made to measure clothing with any Hardley Dangerous Couture items.

Q: I do not have 3-4 weeks to wait for a dress to be made but I really want to buy one, what can I do?
A: Hardley Dangerous Couture offers Rush Orders for an additional fee. This covers the materials that we must expedite to our studio in order to make your dress. Depending on the color and fabrics used this generally takes 2-3 weeks. We can not usually accommodate any earlier timelines on a Rush Order.

Q: I ripped my dress! Can you fix it for me?
A: No, we do not offer any type of alterations at our studio. We ship you a perfect handmade garment that is ready to wear. If you happen to rip your garment while wearing it, you will need to go see your local seamstress to have any rips or tears professionally mended.

Q: Your dress sizes are confusing, why do you have so many different lengths and options?
A: We proudly offer our dresses and skirts in both Misses and Petite lengths to accommodate the variety of customers who shop from our studio. All dresses are available in both Misses and Petite sizes with detailed measurements given so you may choose the best fit.

Q: Do I really need to measure before I buy something from Hardley Dangerous Couture?
A: YES. You must actually measure and compare your true measurements to the ones listed in order to have the best fit. All items are handmade by our pre-cut pattern templates and you must measure to get the best fit. We are not your standard retail boutique and we do not offer sizes of other retail establishments. For the best fit and to save yourself heartaches over fit issues we recommend you measure first before making your purchase.

Q: My dress is too long through the torso and fits weird through the hips, can I have a refund?
A: No, this situation is easily avoidable if you had measured first before placing your order. Each listing is set up with detailed measurements and we let you know that Petite dresses are cut shorter and Misses Sizes run longer. We will gladly exchange your dress for the correct size, however standard production times still apply on exchanged items at our studio.

Q: I live in Canada/Europe/Or Other International Country and have an event next month, how much will shipping be and can I get it in time??
A: Yes, we can make your dress and have it shipped to you in time. You will need to place a Rush Order which is a separate materials fee of $36.50US dollars. You will also need to pay for an Express Shipping upgrade in order to get your dress to you in time. Express Shipping is calculated during the last step at checkout. Please understand that our studio is always generally fully booked so please keep production times in mind when placing your order.

Q: Do you give discounts on Bridesmaids dresses?
A: Yes we do! Hardley Dangerous Couture will give your group a 10% discount off the purchase of 6 or more dresses.  Email us directly to set up a custom order for your group at:  info@hardleydangerouscouture.com

Q: Do you make your dresses in all sateen?
A: No, we are a knitwear based line of custom handmade clothing and our collection is founded by the fit of our stretch knit upper. It is the most comfortable way to look pin up perfect! We are a semi formal shop with classic silhouettes all handmade with our stretch knit uppers. We do not offer any structured styles in our collection and all dresses are either 100% stretch knit or sewn with a sateen or cotton swing skirt.

Q: Why do I have to wait 3-4 weeks for one dress to be made?
A: We are very busy here at Hardley Dangerous Couture! All items are handmade in the order they are received. Claire and her husband Chase personally sew our collection and we are not able to make our items any faster than our 4 semi industrial machines can go. Since our line is not factory produced, two people are making everything you see at our shop. We usually are fully booked 8 weeks out at Prom season in the Spring and 4 weeks out at Christmas.  You will find that with well over 100 dress orders ahead of yours to fulfill, our current production time is the soonest we can complete unless a Rush Order is purchased.

Q: Why do you show your dresses with full petticoats and charge for them separately?
A: Based on client feedback the majority of our customers prefer to see our dresses shown full with petticoat underskirts. Since the majority of clients already own a few petticoats (and to avoid an overly full closet), we choose to sell just the dress with the option to buy the petticoat underskirt if needed. It is also very clearly stated within each listing that petticoats are not included and are a separate fee.